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Hightop is one of the most professional egg tray suppliers & manufacturers, as well as egg cartons, egg crates, egg boxes and egg containers for chicken, duck, goose and quail eggs. Our product materials are available in paper pulp, cardboard, disposable & reusable plastic, and foam, etc.

As we all know eggs are essential for every family’s daily diet for its high nutritional value. However, eggs shell are very fragile. Therefore, it is particularly important to properly pack and protect them during carrying, transportation and sales. Studies have shown that the breakage rate of bulk eggs is up to 4.5%. In order to meet the needs of the market, the packaging of eggs has evolved from bulk to exquisite packaging, and a variety of egg packages appeared.

As an experienced egg tray supplier, HIGHTOP specializes in offering egg producers and distributors with superior packaging. We offer a full range of egg cartons and trays with different egg-count in paper pulp, styrofoam and plastic, which suit for different egg sizes, including chicken eggs, quail eggs, duck eggs and goose eggs. All our pulp paper and plastic egg packaging are made from eco-friendly materials and are 100% recycled.

Whether you are a chicken farm owner or egg distributor looking for high-quality egg packaging, you’ll find a selection of egg cartons here either blank or labeled. The blank cartons are perfect to custom your own stamp and labels and personalize your cartons so as to enhance your brand awareness.


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